This project was made by two students of the SAE Hamburg in 48 hours during the first ever Discord Jam.

The theme for the Jam was "Limited View".

Important Notes:

Unfortunately the playable version in the browser does not render our particle effects. If you want the games full experience download the Build!!!!

If not, start the game in fullscreen and ignore the white box thingy  (we couldn't figure out what caused it to appear).

In the game you play a character, who tries to escape the forest he was placed in. The goal is to find all the keys, that belong to a weird door, while staying sane and well fed.

When searching in the darkness you have to be careful, since invisible monsters will hunt and kill you. Luckily you have the power to see the world around you with "Monstervision" where you're able to see any monsters approaching, but unfortunately you loose your sanity very rapidly while doing that.

To avoid going insane you can rest at heavily lit places like campfires and torches.

Good luck finding all the keys to escape! Stay Sane

Jan and Yannick


Lost In The Forest Downloadable Build 30 MB